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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 24, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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and good morning, america. hello to robin. josh is off today. sam is on assignment. he's down at seaworld in florida. it's great to have amy and bill here, again. welcome back, everyone. big headline overnight. a little history is going to be made today when pentagon secretary leon panetta lifts the ban on women in combat. women are already facing the dangers of the front lines. but today, the policy will formally be changed. another barrier broken. we're going to have all of the details ahead. >> can't wait for that. and the latest on the backlash for beyonce. we have raw video from "the wall street journal" that emerged overnight, where you can see and hear her actually singing, perhaps along with the backup track. so, was she lip-syncing or wasn't she? the devil's in the details.
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but maybe it will set her free. >> i agree. people around the world, now, calling foul on this soccer player. caught on tape, so determined to get the ball back, he kicked the ball boy. >> come on. >> what? >> we'll tell you what happened next. >> oh, man. let's get, first, to the deep freeze. our extreme weather team, led by sam, tracking the latest on the big chill. and where better to start us off, talking about freezing temperatures, than florida, sam? >> oh, yeah. windchills were still in the 20s as far south as atlanta and north florida. but let's get to this. the coldest air of the season so far still sitting from the midwest all the way to the northeast today. take a look at these windchills you're facing this morning. and as we show you these pictures, incredible pictures of people working in that cold air. bundled up in the cold air. mt. washington, new hampshire, an 86-degree below windchill. new york city, 2 below. now, 24 states, again today have winter weather watches, warnings or advisories. this is the coldest part of this air.
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and it gets better after this. but, i tell you, a lot of people have faced these cold air. and some of the folks, no one knows it better than where our alex perez is standing right now in chicago. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, sam. part of the problem is how quickly everything freezes. take a look at this building. it caught fire tuesday. it rekindled wednesday. and it's transformed into a complete icebox. this morning, from the upper midwest, all the way to the east coast, deep freeze danger. >> the only thing you can do is put on layers. >> reporter: in chicago, frozen hydrants challenged crews, trying to extinguish this massive warehouse blaze. when the fire was finally out, an urban igloo. all that water immediately turning to ice. in gaithersburg, maryland, a nerve-racking rescue wednesday. a man working on a cell phone tower 200 feet up was so cold, he lost the feeling in his hands and began to cramp up.
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another worker had to climb the tower and safely get him down. in michigan, a driver's nightmare. car on top of car, after snow and black ice called this 20-car pileup. killing one person. another pileup in ohio closed a stretch of i-90. in philadelphia and new york city, fire hydrants frozen in time. and in rural idaho, authorities believe 18-year-old college student joseph wiederrick died of hypothermia. >> reporter: the focus for crews now to make sure that the weight of the ice doesn't make this building collapse. another tough day for everyone dealing with the deep freeze. >> our thanks to alex perez. we're going to turn to hillary clinton. her final appearance as secretary of state comes today, when she introduces john kerry. and that is after her testimony about the attack in benghazi that killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans.
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abc's martha raddatz was there for all of the action. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. it was truly a riveting day on capitol hill. we don't say that very often, with secretary clinton. as some have never seen her before. she was at times, combative, charming, disarming and clearly ready for a fight. >> it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> reporter: but when clinton spoke of her four fallen colleagues, the pain, the memories were still raw. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the planes at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers. the sons and daughters. >> reporter: and clinton did not hesitate to shoulder the blame. >> as i have said many times, i take responsibility. >> reporter: but that did little to quiet some republicans, who wanted to know how this could
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have happened. >> you let the consulate become a death trap. >> had i been president at the time, i would have relieved you of your post. i think it's inexcusable. >> reporter: the secretary fought back, aggressively defending comments made by u.n. ambassador susan rice five days after the attack. >> a very simple phone call to these individuals i think would have ascertained immediately, that there was no protest. >> with all due respect, the fact is, we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest? or because of guys out for a walk one night that decided to go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> reporter: a strong defense that did not satisfy senator john mccain. >> why do we care? because if the classified information had been included, it gives an entirely different version of events. >> reporter: like mccain, there were some republicans who hillary clinton did not convince. but this was certainly a memorable way to close out her tenure, george. >> and a memorable day, today, coming up, martha.
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the ban on women in combat going to be formally lifted by leon panetta. it will be a big part of his legacy. but it's also something that's being pushed hard by the military itself, the joint chiefs of staff. >> reporter: true. it was actually the joint chiefs, the marine, the army and other services. but what this reflects is, the reality of the last decade of war. well more than 100 women have died in iraq and afghanistan, where the front lines have blurred. but it does take it to a new level. they could officially be part of infantry units and special forces, if they meet the physical standards. >> and that means more women in top leadership positions in the military, as well. >> reporter: that's exactly what it could mean. and there are soldiers that are worried about this. but change is hard. let's get the other top stories from bill weir. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a stern, new threat from north korea, aimed directly at the united states. this morning, the north korean government
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warned that it is prepared to launch more rockets and perform nuclear tests. the north koreans also called the u.s., quote, the sworn enemy of the korean people. new concerns about that u.s. navy ship that ran aground in the philippines. it's now taking on water, as crews urgently try to offload 15,000 gallons of fuel to prevent a spill. the ship slammed into the reef, despite a sophisticated sonar system. and you may want to check your 401(k) because stocks are soaring this morning. the dow begins the day at its highest level in five years. but one stock that's suffering, apple, down 11% after the company reported a mere $13 billion quarterly profit. investors expect a lot more from apple. distracted driving blamed for a violent crash caught on camera. look closely. you'll see a train crushing into a tractor-trailer in vermont. the driver said he did not see the light at the railroad crossing. he was not hurt. after her victory over serena williams, sloane stephens
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suffered defeat at the australian open to defending champion victoria azarenka. stephens tried to become the first teenager in eight years to make the finals of a grand slam. and this video is going viral this morning. a soccer player in britain, chases the ball to the sidelines. and then, watch. he kicks the ball boy in the ribs, trying to get the ball out from under him. ejected from the game, later apologized to the boy, who is earning sympathy from around the world. eden hazard. they blamed the boy. saying to give the ball back. >> are you kidding me? that's crazy. >> okay. you've weighed in on it. we're going to turn to katie couric's interview with manti te'o, the notre dame football player caught up in the love hoax. sat down with katie for several hours. it will air this afternoon on "katie." and katie joins us right now. what a conversation. >> it was really interesting to talk to manti after all the coverage, all of the controversy.
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and prior to this interview, george, a lot of people tweeted me or facebooked me and said, please, ask him for his phone records. and, in fact, we did. and he showed them to us. and there were dozens of calls to this number, this number of so-called lennay, you know? and some of them lasted for hours on end. even overnight. so, we talked about that. and here's what he had to say. i understand you would fall asleep holding the phone? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: or with the phone next to you. connected to this individual. and then, when you woke up, you would talk to this person. i hope you have rollover minutes, by the way. >> mobile-to-mobile. mobile-to-mobile. >> reporter: but i mean, why would you do that? >> it goes back to what my parents taught me. always be there for somebody when they need help. >> reporter: she came out of her coma when she was on the phone with you, the phone was next to her.
7:10 am
what did you hear on the other end of the line? >> obviously, it was just breathing at first. and it was one of those where she was just breathing. then, she started to kind of whisper my name. and i'm -- i jumped for joy. she's out. she's talking. and i kind of -- i was a little pumped. they were right, i do help her. >> reporter: now, many people writing about this are calling your son a liar. they're saying he manipulated the truth, really for personal gain. >> people can speculate about what they think he is. i've known him 21 years of his life. and he's not a liar. just a kid.
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>> that was manti's father, brian te'o, along with his mom, who also participated in part of the interview. the big question that everyone's been asking and accusing manti te'o of, is embellishing, and misleading and prolonging this story, because it was part of his personal narrative. that's a big focus of our interview today. >> you also have some of the voicemails of the person who was calling him. we're learning from "the new york daily news" this morning, that voice on the phone is the man behind the whole hoax in a kind of falsetto. >> that's right. according to ronaiah who said -- that manti has said confessed to this. that is, in fact, his voice. and i talked to him about that during the course of the interview, george. i said, do you think ronaiah could have been playing the role of lennay? manti said, well, it didn't sound like a man, it sounded like a woman.
7:12 am
that's an incredible talent to do it, every, single day. >> you heard the voicemails? >> we played the voicemails. and honestly, it sounds like a girl to me. >> sounds like a girl? >> it does. it does. but this ronaiah fellow is also very involved in music and audio. he writes songs. so, who knows what kind of equipment he might have had to enhance his voice or autotune it somehow. i mean, there are still so many unanswered questions today. today, we hear manti's side of the story. >> we'll hear the whole thing on "katie." check your local listings for the show time. thank you, katie. let's go to amy. now, to that astonishing video of a dangerous stunt that has led to a government investigation. it shows a plane just a few feet from the runway, zooming right by a man on an all-terrain vehicle. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: a breathtaking stunt posted online. an aerobatic plane at full-speed, nearly 200 miles per
7:13 am
hour, within feet of the pilot partner on this suburban dallas runway and the photographer who recorded it all. watch again. the wing tipping dangerously close to the ground, as the pilot speeds by. and then, completes a loop into the blue. who would do something like this? abc news has learned this internet sensation was posted and then removed from youtube by jason newburg, a stunt pilot who advertises a dare devil for hire. performing at air shows. specializing in death-defieing aerial ballet. partnered with motorcycle showmen, known as the dallas stunt riderz, who choreograph maneuvers beneath his bright green plane. but this morning, faa is not amused by this. telling us they're investigating. sources tell us, the pilot's waiver to perform aerobatics
7:14 am
expired in november. and even if it hadn't, pilots are supposed to be responsible for the safety of people on the ground. are these guys safe? >> he could have made mistakes that would have killed himself and the two people filming the action here. >> reporter: and it's not as though he hasn't been in a crash before. this is the 2008 wreckage of a hospital registered to his company. it doesn't name him, only that the pilot was not licensed to fly a helicopter. and took off with instead of against the wind, causing a hard landing. it's a thrill show few pilots would approve. efforts to reach mr. newburg were unsuccessful. someone has now taken his viral video down from youtube. the faa is investigating the entire episode. >> jim, he leaves no room for error. we're going to now turn to the scandal on the subway. it turns out some of the
7:15 am
foot-long sandwiches have been coming in a bit short. and that, perhaps not surprisingly, has led to a lawsuit against all the customers in the good state of new jersey. abc's john muller has the story. >> reporter: from the court of public opinion -- >> i think size matters. >> reporter: to the courtroom. a new proposed class-action lawsuit is now accusing subway of deceptive advertising. >> any regular footlong. >> reporter: the worldwide viral controversy started with a quirky facebook photo posted in australia, showing a subway footlong coming up short at only 11 inches. this morning, two jersey men are now aiming to take the world's biggest fast food chain to court, saying short sandwiches are leaving them shortchanged. >> when you add this up over time, this turns out to be 45 cents to 60 cents a sandwich, over the course of six years. >> reporter: the suit filed under the new jersey consumer fraud act, alleges it's a deceptive practice for subway to advertise its large sandwich as a footlong. when we questioned subway's head baker, he told abc news.
7:16 am
>> if they're following the proper baking procedures, they should get 12 inches out of the oven every time. >> reporter: but the lawyers in the class-action suit said they had sandwiches from 17 new jersey shops measured. >> people say this case is about one inch and it may be frivolous. but companies should deliver what they promise. >> reporter: we bought six subway footlongs from our own from three different subways in new york city. three hot and three cold. how did they measure up? perfectly. all six footlongs were, in fact, 12 inches long. one of them, the meatball sub, was actually a tad longer than 12 inches. subway says they don't comment on pending litigation. everybody's laughing in here. one plaintiff said he ate one or two footlong for six years. about 600 bucks in damages. that's a lot of money at stake. it's anything but frivolous. >> i guess so. but anything you say about this story can and will be used against you. >> reporter: i'm still employed.
7:17 am
>> think of how many calories he saved. that's how i look at it. >> oh. >> when i'm doing carpentry, i use a sub sandwich as my ruler. and this explains why nothing in my house is square. >> you can sue subway, as well. let's go to sam and get some weather. he's down at seaworld discovery cove. hey, sam. >> good morning, everybody. that explains why bill's drawers are all so crooked. by the way, let's talk a little about the cold air. once you have the arctic air in place, any moisture that moves across the country is going to come down in the form of snowfall. there was a lot of concern of how much snowfall would come with this end of the week system, moving in from the great lakes to the northeast. well, it's a much better picture now. take a look at the maps. we'll show you what we're talking about. this is a light snowfall in general, as this clipper moves out of canada and makes its way just south of the jersey shore. in general, you have to get high elevations to get three to six inches of snow. everybody else will get a local,
7:18 am
light dusting. a quick look at the western rain. there's brand-new rainfall moving in. it had been near-record temperatures on the west coast for a while. now, we're getting that rain.
7:19 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by royal caribbean cruises. coming up in the next half hour, we'll not only do weather, but we'll show you why we're in florida. george? amy? >> cannot wait for that, sam. and coming up here, brand-new developments in the pediatrician murder mystery. police use surveillance tape to track down a nearby exterminator and raid his home overnight. and this woman's dramatic escape with her six children from a polygamous cult. now she's revealing their secret world. and the video where you can see and hear beyonce singing. so, what about the lip-sync? she and a close friend speaks out. what about the lip-sync? her close friend speaks out. list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe -
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what baby wants, baby gets. the everyday collection. by target. >> san jose miss are lying to find a man who attempted to kidnap a 13-year-old girl as she walked to school. this is surveillance video from a home near north 33rd and east st. james street where the attempted kidnap kidnapping happened. the homeowner checked the surveillance video to see what happened. you can see her by the car. police released a concept of -- released a concept the suspect. >> we have caution signs
7:24 am
flashing on the golden gate bridge and a stalled truck blocking two northbound lanes. it is blocking one lane. expect slow traffic physical the -- until the crews get that out. caltrain has one slow train, but all other mass transit is doing fine. >> when we come back, mike n
7:25 am
7:26 am
>> welcome back and check out this picture from mount tamalpais with mid--level moisture.
7:27 am
right now, live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry. this is moisture hanging around, though. live doppler 7 hd shows most of the rain to the south. that is where the best chance of scattered showers is today. we have haze to the south, 2.5 visibility in san jose. fog to the north. temperatures upper 40's to low
7:28 am
♪ what so proudly we hailed
7:29 am
look closely. listen closely. ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> that's new video from "the wall street journal." beyonce at the inauguration. they say it's her audio feed. it sure sounds like she's singing. ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched >> what do you all think? we'll have all of the details. beyonce, lip-syncing or not at the inauguration? all right. and we're also having the story of a woman's harrowing escape from a polygamous cult with six children. she is revealing a rare look inside her bizarre former life, including her forced marriage at age 14. >> so bizarre. also coming up on the show, an astonishing story behind what looks like an ordinary race. however, you will not believe what happened when these two men reached the finish line. it's coming up in our "play of the day."
7:30 am
don't show the finish. >> i love this story. cannot wait to bring it to you later. we're going to get right now to the pediatrician murder mystery and the breaking developments overnight. police raid the home of a nearby exterminator in philadelphia. he's in custody now. and alex marquardt is on the scene with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. while sources tell abc news, the police do believe they have the man in custody who killed the beloved doctor, what remains baffling this morning is whether the man had any connection with the woman he allegedly killed. overnight, police raided this suburban philadelphia home. of the still unnamed person of interest. investigators could be seen bringing bags of evidence to police vehicles outside the home. sources tell abc news that the man being questioned this morning is a 37-year-old exterminator who lives with his girlfriend and a child. someone with a steady job and a home still decorated for christmas. >> he's outside, always playing with his children. he doesn't seem like that kind of guy.
7:31 am
>> reporter: but police sources say surveillance video from multiple cameras shows the same man may be a killer. the video reportedly shows him following melissa ketunuti into her home. sources say this silver ford pickup truck being towed from outside of his house, was seen reportedly on camera in the popular doctor's neighborhood on the day of the killing. and police sources tell wpvi it contains evidence. >> they have something that connects the bad guy to the victim. whether it be videotape, and/or forensic evidence from the crime scene. >> reporter: investigators have been working around the clock since finding her body on fire in the basement of her row house on monday. she had been bound and strangled. there were no signs of a struggle or a break-in. the police have found no connection between the man and the doctor.
7:32 am
but they add that an arrest could come as early as this morning. meanwhile, the police have been questioning the man's girlfriend and mother. we're told that they have been cooperating. george? >> okay, alex. thanks. let's get more from "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. big development overnight. and kind of a surprise. >> no connection. that's the stunning thing. when you think about the details of this crime. someone who was tied up, burned, who was strangled in her home. those jaded crime reporters immediately presumed that it was someone she knew very well. when the first reports said the boyfriend is not considered a suspect, of course, in my head, i'm thinking, yeah, right. but the reality is, they were pretty quick to clear him as a possible suspect. that was pretty interesting. then, you've got these additional developments. and it sure sounds like the authorities think they have their guy. >> and you have this surveillance tape.
7:33 am
we're seeing this more and more, dan. the cameras are everywhere. >> that's right. this is just good police work. you go back. you try to figure out what pharmacies or gas stations or whatever it is are nearby. and you say, hey, is there anything here we can use? you then match it up to other tapes that are nearby. you match it up to other evidence. and it sounds like the authorities were able to piece this together, using surveillance tape. but then actually finding the truck and saying, they believe there's evidence there. i think they're going further than a person of interest here. it sounds to me like they believe they got their guy. >> they have made the difference. dan abrams, thanks very much. george, there's new legal trouble for a polygamous cult along the utah/arizona border. a 26-year-old woman, a mother of six, who says she was forced into marriage at the age of 14, has just fled the group after a dramatic escape. take a look. it was a stunning sight. ruby jessop, flanking arizona's attorney general, along with her
7:34 am
six children, all of them finally free. >> ruby is a 26-year-old colorado city woman, who was compelled into marriage at the age of 14 by flds leader warren jeffs and held against her will for more than ten years. >> reporter: arizona officials say within the past two weeks, ruby escaped, with the help of her sister, flora, who fled the polygamous flds sect run by warren jeffs herself 20 years ago. >> ruby has been locked in a world where she had no control over. she had no voice. >> reporter: sources say even though jeffs is in prison, he still controls everything. forcing people to eat beans and drink water. >> because he has to be in prison, he is placing all of his members in prison with him. >> reporter: this image from a 2008 texas raid shows the bed where he allegedly forced young women to seal their arranged marriages. ruby says on the arizona compound, she was not only
7:35 am
forced to marry her second cousin and stepbrother, but had to have sex with many men. as part of an abc news "20/20" investigation, i spent several months investigating the flds. as soon as we entered colorado city, we were followed, intimidated by what locals call jeffs' god squad. trying to find out, what are you doing? excuse me? excuse me? but warren jeffs' former bodyguard, willie jessop, back up her story, saying the women are held. >> the women are being hostages, being told that their lives are in danger. they're threatened. there's an evil outside world there to destroy them? >> reporter: and that's what the women believe? >> it's a total fraud. >> reporter: this morning, the arizona attorney general says other women are still trying to leave but can't. >> women have been forcibly held by the marshals against their will. >> reporter: as for ruby jessop this morning, she has left the community. and her sister says she's ready
7:36 am
to start a new life with her children. >> ruby is doing amazing. she is happy and strong and courageous. >> wow. what a dramatic development. as we saw right there, you know this world well from your work for "20/20." >> a lot of people call the flds the american taliban because the women and children are being held in these homes, sometimes against their will. and sometimes because they don't know that the outside world is there to help them. this is a secluded society. the police there, the fire, the town hall, they're all flds. we went to go knock on their doors and get questions -- ask questions, get answers, they wouldn't let us inside. this is a bizarre world that outside of what we would normally consider america and american law. but they're trying to change that in the states of utah and arizona. >> we saw that today. your whole report is going to be on "20/20" saturday, at 8:00, 7:00 central. let's go back down to sam, now.
7:37 am
now he's in the wetsuit down at seaworld discovery cove. >> now i feel more at home. we're in discovery cove, which is a sister park to seaworld orlando. when you're here, if you come here, you can actually interact with a lot of marine mammals, including bottle nose dolphins. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you exactly what's going on. it starts to spread across the country. so, today, there's some mild temperatures in places, oh, like midland. dallas is at 75 degrees. look at what else is going on on the map. the idea is that generally, the bitter cold air retreats as the warm air cuts across the country. as cold as you are this morning, don't worry, you get some milder temperatures.
7:38 am
>> and we are live in discovery cove. we'll have all of america's weather, coming up in the next half hour from orlando, florida. amy? george? >> okay. thank you, sam. looking great down there. and coming up here, brand-new video tracked down by "the wall street journal," of beyonce where you can see and hear her singing. was she lip-syncing or wasn't she? a close friend of hers speaks out ahead. and no ordinary race. we can't wait to show you what happens when these two runners reach the finish line. we have a concierge! i know; it's exciting! wow! what exactly is a cashback concierge? well there's lots of ways you can get cash back - i'm here to help you get the most bang-for-your-buck. it's a personalized thing from discover. it's easy, we won't try and sell you anything, and it's free. free? i want that. yeah you do! this guy is great. high-five through the phone! yeah! i did it. did you actually do it? oh, i did! i totally did. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. cashback concierge
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back, now, at 7:42. and beyonce has yet to weigh in on her performance at the presidential inauguration. but that new video overnight from "the wall street journal." in it, you can see and hear beyonce singing. abc's bianna golodryga has the story. ♪ the ramparts we watched >> reporter: was queen b. singing live? or going through the motions to a previously-recorded track? >> she is singing. you look at her mouth and her breathing, it doesn't seem to quite line up. >> reporter: listen to this newly-released raw video from "the wall street journal" live. some say you can hear beyonce's voice, along with the backing
7:43 am
track. ♪ what so proudly we held >> reporter: compared to this that was broadcast. ♪ last gleaming >> reporter: tom gardener says all the b. backlash is unjustified. how common is that in big performances? >> it's very common. i'm surprised at the backlash because i thought it was understood this was going on. >> reporter: so, i decided to try for myself. i'm so nervous. over a year ago, in what was either one of the most exhilarating or humiliating moments of my career, the "gma weekend" team performed live on broadway, with yours truly at lead vocals. ♪ don't stop believing >> reporter: naturally, we decided to re-create the experience. this time, with the help, lots of help, from our new friend. ♪ just a smalltown girl >> reporter: that's my raw, completely unaltered voice.
7:44 am
♪ she took the midnight train going anywhere ♪ >> let's run through it one more time. >> reporter: with my backing track autotuned, i can lip-sync and sound like beyonce. ♪ goes on and on and on >> reporter: well, sort of. ♪ strangers waiting up and down the boulevard ♪ ♪ there's had shadows >> reporter: no amount of technology can help me. people coming to beyonce's -- this happens all the time. and the artists are often told to lip-sync by producers. alicia keys weighed in. she said beyonce is a great performer. she can and did deliver the song beautifully. unlike myself. >> give bianna a hand here. absolutely. come on. >> somewhere there's a herd of cats. >> oh.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> i'm doing the honors today. and it is an honor because we're going to show you this unusually honorable man. this video has gone viral for all the right reasons. look at this race in spain, in december. the front-runner, abell mutai from kenya, thinks he's crossed the finish line. it turns out, he's about ten yards short. so, what does the man behind him do? watch this right here, ivan anaya from spain, stops, slows down and lets him win. he says it was a very, very simple decision. he says, i knew i couldn't catch
7:50 am
him. there was no way i was going to pass him if he thought the finish line was in the right place. so, he allowed him to win. >> that's incredible. great life lesson. we'll be back with "deals & steals." jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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>> abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. the dove brown will deliver the state of the straight address if a little more than an hour. he says the economy is rebounding and is expected to lay out an ambitious and optimistic agenda. well carry the speech live on abc7 and stream it live on starting at 9:00. right now, mike has the forecast. >> the system to the south of live doppler 7 hd is starting to unwind. that mean we will have clouds and upper 30's to low 60's before the next chan of storms later this afternoon. after that, we get a break tomorrow. sue? >> heavy traffic. we have an early accident off on the shoulder but it is slow moving past lucas valley road and north 221, 25 minutes late and martinez is ten minutes late and there are
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ i'm a survivor [ cheers and applause ]
7:59 am
all the people braving the cold out in times square this morning. a lot of hats, a lot of scarves, a lot of gloves and a lot of smiles out in times square. robin and josh is off. sam on assignment. great to have amy robach and bill weir from "nightline." there's sam down in discovery cove in seaworld. you're hearing "survivor" from by destiny's child. we're going to talk live to michelle williams, about the whole lip-sync controversy and so much more ahead. >> i have all that on my ipod. i feel like i'm working out right now. justin timberlake making big headlines with his brand-new video just coming out. this is his first in seven years. what's the story behind the mystery woman fixing his tie in the video? is it jessica biel? >> ooh, i don't know. i can't wait to see it. he's so talented. so good. a lot of people talking about that song. and this. the women married to the best
8:00 am
plastic surgeons in the country. so, how much work do they really get? we're going to meet the plastic wives. and we'll reveal their secret lives of the plastic wives. >> i knew it. and we're also jumpstarting your january all month. this week, it's all about love. and we have special "deals & steals" for all our viewers. tory johnson brings the glittery mystery boxes. a sneak peek at one of them. >> a sneak peek at one of the deals. i'll let you pass it down. >> wow. i thought jumpstart january was about getting in shape. these don't look healthy. >> i don't know which one i want. >> those are the biggest strawberries i have ever seen. >> the size of your head, george. >> and the savings will be the biggest savings you've seen, as well. >> tory, thank you. we love you so much, tory. >> the reason bill didn't take one, you actually have to do the news. >> thank you, george. let's begin with a big announcement from the pentagon today.
8:01 am
outgoing defense secretary leon panetta is lifting the longstanding ban on women in combat. the ground-breaking move opens more than 14,000 battlefront positions to female troops, clearing them to way to join top forces and military brass. now, the pentagon must decide if any job should be open to men only. john kerry is expected to win overwhelming support as his senate confirmations start today. he's been nominated to succeed hillary clinton as secretary of state. on capitol hill wednesday, secretary clinton vehemently denied misleading the public about the u.s. consulate attack in libya. encouraging news about the battle with al qaeda in north africa. they may be open to negotiations to end their strikes in the region. back in this country, oh, baby, it's cold outside, especially in the upper parts of the midwest and the northeast. the geese, like these ones in wisconsin, are huddling together to keep warm. fountains left running are
8:02 am
running no more. firefighters facing extra challenges. a warehouse fire that was burning yesterday is now a giant block of ice today. a ski resort in new hampshire had to close because it's so cold. in utah, they're calling the air quality a public health emergency because it's dropping pollution in the valleys. sam's forecast in a moment. an eye-opening report on the dangers of smoking. researchers found that people who smoke live on average ten years shorter than nonsmokers. the good news is, if you quit before you're 40, your life expectancy returns to almost normal. signs of the times at the supermarket. trader joe's is raising the price of its famous discount wine. yes. the two-buck chuck is going up by 50 cents. now, we have to come up with new nicknames. it can be 2 1/2-buck chuck. inflation chuck. or upchuck, perhaps. >> oh, no. on and if you're against the dress code in your office, imagine what this guy thinks.
8:03 am
the nfl has fined frank gore of the 49ers $10,500 for not pulling up his socks. during sunday's game. gore said that he was so focused that he didn't have time to pay attention to his uniform. $10,500. >> that's a fashion violation. >> right. >> we all wear sock garters here, right? to keep them up? sock garters. >> excuse me. >> it's a morning show. >> oh. really? really? okay. "pop news," rescue us. if you're looking for "pop news" to rescue anything, you're in deep trouble. hey, everybody, let's begin with an exclusive sneak peek at a late-night shuffle, so to speak. if you watch jimmy kimmel, since he started the show, he's signed off with the same joke. he apologizes to the audience for running out of time for his final guest, matt damon. he does it all the time.
8:04 am
well, tonight, it looks as if matt is taking things into his own hands. take a look. >> oh, that's pretty funny. that's pretty funny. but tonight, you didn't run out of time for me, did you, jimmy? no. no. i ran out of time for you. what's that, jimmy? huh? >> very, very funny. >> that's good. >> catch matt's payback tonight when he takes over on "jimmy kimmel live" at 11:35 right here on abc. and this next video shows you can't be great at everything. basketball star lebron james working out his best michael jackson. it happened at a charity event last night in miami. come on, work with me. are we going to see it? yeah. now, the dance moves are not bad.
8:05 am
the voice, however, well, you be the judge. he is -- we can assure you, that is him singing. after that little ditty, he went into crooner mode, serenaded miami heat fans with his own spin on the r&b classic, "if i ever fall in love," with an assist by dwyane wade. the performance may have been off-key. but the event was on-point, raising scholarship money for underprivileged teens. >> great. >> to be honest, you go into the studio together. finally, everybody, we encourage you to hug somebody. get over here, stephanopoulos. it's now scientifically proven that hugging lowers blood pressure and reduces stress and improves your memory. it's a new study out of austria. it says the hormone -- they spelled it phonetically.
8:06 am
the hormone is replaced in your blood when you hold someone close. it has to be someone you know. according to the study, someone you know and trust. hugging a stranger could have the opposite effect. >> like walk through airports. >> don't go up and randomly hug someone. that could be dangerous to your health. yeah. hug it out. scottie, get over here. >> i want a hug. >> come here. i know. hug it out. you feel better? >> much better. >> okay, good. how about a little pop quiz? >> do it. >> everybody, this morning, we ask a very important question. and it is -- why are these shetland ponies wearing sweaters? we'll have the answer after weather. >> cannot wait for that. sam champion does not need a sweater today. he's down at seaworld discovery cove. >> i did this morning. but when the sunshine comes out in florida, we're in pretty good shape. i'm with alexis and gina and this is diego. we're at discovery cove, where the whole idea is, if you visit
8:07 am
this area, you get a chance to get this close with diego and have some interaction. they'll take care of letting you know what is safe and what you can do and what you can't do. if you come down. so, let's talk a little about the weather. we'll show you exactly what's going on. we need to talk about the snow and ice situation that moves through the country. thank you, diego. by the way, there is going to be some areas that gets some freezing rain out of this. georgia, tennessee and north carolina. stay up with your abc stations. and this front moves south, look at the difference. look at the difference between orlando, where we are, and in georgia. and look at the numbers in south florida. being south of that front is a really good deal. that arctic air staying in place for a good part of the country today.
8:08 am
>> we're just hanging out with diego. but diego's sounds are much better than my dolphin sounds. let's go. let's go back to -- can you say lara? that's dolphin for lara. >> thank you. thank you. thank you, sam. we'll be back to sam in a little bit. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." justin timberlake, boy, is he bringing sexy back, debuting his brand-new video this morning. who is the mystery woman with him? we'll have that story. plus, a special love edition of "deals & steals" just for you our "gma" viewers. and beyonce's close friend and former destiny child's bandmate, michelle williams is
8:09 am
here and she's speaking out. is the supergroup reuniting at the super bowl? we'll have that and so much more coming up, live on "gma." reuniting at the super bowl? we'll have that and so much more coming up, live on "gma." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
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8:14 am
custom-made. they are official ambassadors for a new campaign from scotland's tourism board. of course, they're the ambassadors for scotland. and the whole campaign is about celebrating a year of the country's natural beauty. and nothing says natural more than a shetland pony in a sweater. >> they're footty sweaters. >> how do you get a sweater on a horse? i know there's no follow-ups here. >> that investigation, we'll see. we got some breaking news, now, from justin timberlake. he's been branching out lately. not only getting married. but doing some acting. going to show him right there in "the social network." he's going back to his roots. he has a new song and a brand-new video released a couple of hours ago. >> reporter: all night, the hard-hitting investigation. the man who brought us sexy back, he is back.
8:15 am
timberlake never left the spotlight, just the recording studio. the actor, teasing us a lot online, with previews in anticipation of this moment. the new dapper music video is out. and who is that woman straightening his tie? could it be his wife? all dressed in up his suit and tie, to mark the special occasion, justin timberlake, the pop star, is back. ♪ dress in that dress i like >> reporter: this video, just released this morning, an r&b homage to '50s rat pack glamour. and featuring his wedding band. could that woman straightening his tie be his bride? his first video in seven years. he stirred excitement with this dramatic announcement. a minute-long monologue teasing his comeback. and explaining why he's been away from music so long. >> as great as justin timberlake is on television. as great as justin timberlake is
8:16 am
on movies. one thing that people want from justin timberlake is justen timberlake music. >> reporter: timberlake is full speed ahead with plans to do a concert for the first time in four years. performing at mark cuban's private party during super bowl weekend, no less. but two years ago, timberlake revealed music isn't his only focus. comedic chops on "snl" earned him four emmy awards. then, he got hitched. he said i do to jessica biel in october. in an effort to prove to hollywood that his star power extends beyond the music charts, timberlake starred in "friends with benefits" and box office hit, "the social network." >> you know what's cool? a billion-dollar valuation. >> reporter: now, with the nod to the white socks and penny
8:17 am
loafer style made popular by michael jackson, timberlake is making a highly-anticipated return to his pop star roots. in an open letter to his fans, timberlake says he started working on his latest album in june. he's calling it the 20/20 experience. he had a bigger first week debut on itunes. is it jessica biel? >> i don't think so. the jury's out. >> i love it. >> was that that loud? now, to the women, who are nicknamed the plastic wives. they're married to some of the best plastic surgeons in the country. so, do they get a nip and tuck whenever they want? what do you think? abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: this family breakfast discussion is not your typical morning banter. >> mommy's going to have surgery today. i'm going to have a new belly
8:18 am
button. >> reporter: meet the not-so desperate housewives of hollywood. >> i had my nose done. >> brazilian butt. >> the chest area. >> breast augmentation. >> i had it injected in my butt. >> my eyes, my nose. one day i decided to do my lips. >> reporter: they are called the plastic wives. they're women that married beverly hills plastic surgeons. and they enjoy all the perks that come with it. no payment required. no appointment necessary. >> he's driving. it's rush hour traffic on a friday afternoon and i'm like, is my nose crooked? what's happening? i have a wrinkle in my lip. what do i do? >> reporter: with a free-flowing fountain of botox, how much is too much? do you feel that people are looking at you and judging his work? >> absolutely. i need to look good to make him
8:19 am
look good. i tell him i'm his walking billboard. >> i heard advice a long time ago. if you're considering a plastic surgeon, look at his wife. and that's a perfect example of the kind of work he most likely does. i remember thinking a long time ago, it would be so cool to be married to a plastic surgeon. never in a million years, never in a million years thought it would happen. >> reporter: for these beverly hills wives, it's about being rich and perfect. but life can be far from it. is anyone in this group addicted to plastic surgery? >> i am, kind of, i think. everything that comes -- i don't know if it's because i work there and i go there every day at the clinic. and then, there is so many things coming. so many new technologies. new implants, new botox, new laser procedures and that. i want it all. >> reporter: botox, love it or hate it? >> love. >> reporter: breast augmentation, who had their boobs done? >> four times. >> reporter: you win the
8:20 am
surprise. this new show on tlc offers a sneak peek into their lives, on and off the operating table. >> eventually, i can get whatever i want. you know? he may be resistant at first. but he'll give in. >> sadly, the patients themselves or the celebrities push plastic surgeons to do more and more. chasing problems that create an unnatural appearance. >> reporter: as it turns out, francis' picture-perfect marriage to her surgeon husband, wasn't so perfect after all. he left you for a younger woman? >> he did. i did everything i could to keep myself young. >> reporter: for these plastic wives, life is hardly pain-free. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, washington. >> bobo, the new pet name for botox. who knew? "plastic wives" airs this sunday night on tlc. lara and bill? >> we're not offering bobo.
8:21 am
can you sense the pleasure? >> you were watching this. >> i can't look away. now, you can't look away from whatever tory's got here. we're jumpstarting your january. this week it's about love. tory johnson is back with special "deals & steals." this is only as supplies last. go to on yahoo! for the promo links, the codes, to get the bargains. you will love them. >> yes, you will. ready? >> go ahead. >> this is a huge honor. >> come on, bill weir. the first deal. >> come on, baby. sparkle box. >> all right. sherry's berries. what says valentine's day more than chocolate-covered strawberries. you can choose the valentine's selection or the fancy selection. these are normally $35 to $40, for the dozen. however, exclusively for "gma" viewers, slashed in half, $17.50. when you go online and use the
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8:24 am
>> that's a really great deal. >> and it's a gorgeous piece. versatile for every day, or fancy for dress-up. please. all right. is this not luscious or not? this is a gigantic blanket. scottie is begging to snuggle in this blanket. angie's really into the blanket, too. it's from massi. they come in a variety. i don't want to add bulk, lara. you put this around you, my love. these are $225. they're sold in some of the finest stores, slashed by as much as 80%. $44. after the show, you and i have an exclusive deal you can get on "gma live!" plus, at >> bill has one more. >> one more for you. look at this. >> that one is priceless.
8:25 am
we want to thank tory. >> you, too, will have a penguin boy. >> we need to thank all of these companies. thank you all so much. everybody go to on yahoo! check out the codes. and "gma live!" for more. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i action eric thomas. crews if marin county are making repairs on a water main that
8:26 am
burst. water gushed from the broken pipe from greenbrae after 2:00. no homes were flooded but the street is closed while crews dig it up to replace the old broken water main. crews are working to restore service to a dozen homes. check now on the commute. sue? >> speaking of the water main break you can get out of greenbrae at the other end of the community. caltrain northbound 221 getting out of san jose after there was police activity running it 45 minutes late. concord and martinez bart 10 minute equipment delay problem. at candlestick park, slow traffic coming from san
8:27 am
8:28 am
aand now live doppler 7 hd, headed to the south the system that brought rain to the monterey bay is breaking up with scattered showers this afternoon. hazy everywhere and foggy in the north bay, and temperatures in the mid-40's to mid-50's right now, so very mild morning. now, the seven-day outlook shows a chance of scattered showers later this afternoon, and, again, saturday, sunday, and monday. monday. but it will be light. [ cheers and applause ] hey. we have some people inside.
8:29 am
a little too cold outside. but not for the penguin this morning. happy crowd here in times square. good morning, america. we say hello to robin. amy robach and bill weir joining us again today. >> it's an exciting day because we have beyonce's friend and former destiny's child bandmate, michelle williams here live. she's going to talk about how she feels about beyonce's lip-sync controversy. she's also going to talk about her personal struggle. she's going to talk about real successes in her life right now. >> she looks terrific. and julia stiles is here, everybody. so great to see her. hi, julia. we have the scoop on her new tv movie. it's a modern-day twist on "my fair lady." and how great was julia in "silver linings playbook"? love that. congratulations on all your successes opinion that's coming up. also, michael symon, from "the chew" here. dishes for the big game, super bowl party. he's going to give you ideas that your guests will love.
8:30 am
amy? >> all right. let's get right to michelle williams. she's here to talk about her latest venture as a solo artist and actress. we have a couple of big questions for her in just a minute. first, take a look at this and how she's been surviving. ♪ i'm a survivor i'm not a give ♪ >> reporter: beyonce, kelly rowland, and michelle williams. as destiny's child, they skyrocketed to fame, becoming one of the world's best-selling female vocal groups of all-time. since then, williams has found solo success, releasing two gospel recordings. ♪ when we rain >> reporter: and earning raves for her chart-topping dance/pop album. williams is currently rehearsing for her newest broadway show, "fela," just as rumors are swirling that destiny's child is reuniting.
8:31 am
with michelle and kelly joining beyonce at the super bowl, right on the heels of a new destiny's child album release. how great is it to have michelle williams here with us right now. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> we have to start off by talking about what everyone's been talking about. your friend, beyonce. what do you think of all of the controversy surrounding her inaugural "star-spangled banner" rendition? >> it's sad and disappointing to me. i love her so much. i know what she possesses. and that was such a big moment for her. and i just wish people would let it go and just, you know, continue to look for what she's going to be bringing to y'all in the future. she's got some heat. >> we know she can sing. is this something that most artists do, especially in these types of conditions? >> to be honest with you, i was
8:32 am
in rehearsals all day, from 10:00 to 6:00. i swear i can show you my schedule. i haven't even seen it. so, i'm just seeing bits and pieces today. so, i honestly -- it's just shocking to me that it's taken on this -- >> this big of a deal? >> yeah. >> we're also making a big deal about beyonce's performance at the super bowl halftime show. people thinking you might show up. and a destiny's child reunion? >> i wish i could say. and i know that josh shultz is "fela" rehearsals. that's what i'm doing. and what i'm focusing on. i wish i could -- >> can you say maybe? >> i wish i could say. >> just in time for valentine's day, we know that destiny's child has an upcoming album, "love songs," a collection of the group's romantic songs, including a new track co-written by you. what can we expect from that? >> it's a song called "nuclear,"
8:33 am
which i think is beautiful. it showcases, you know, where we left off from. but it feels like we never left. the vocals are beautiful, produced by pharrell williams. i had a chance to put my 2 cents in the song. i'm happy to have that moment again. >> we can't wait for it. you all sing like no threesome i've ever heard before. >> thank you so much. >> and then, there's "fela." the new broadway play. you're heading out on a 16-city tour. tell us about it. >> i'm so excited to have this opportunity in "fela." it's an amazing love story. but it talks about passion for music and a passion for what was right. i play his lever and teacher. you have to be both. >> if you want to be right, you do. >> well, some men need to be taught. i play the role of sandra isidore. and i'm very pleased, 16 cities. >> with all of this success, you look fabulous, you sound fabulous. and yet, you decided to open up about dealing with depression. >> uh-huh. >> you say you had to choose to get out of bed to do whatever
8:34 am
you needed to do to be happy. but a lot of people would be surprised to hear that you suffered from that. what's your message? you created a foundation. >> i created a foundation. it is called the michelle t. williams foundation. and when i brought that up, it wasn't planned. it wasn't strategic. it just came out naturally. now that it's out and everybody seems to know about it, i want people to know it's okay to go talk to somebody. it's okay to go get some help. it's really okay to deal with whatever it is that has you -- >> it's a disease. >> the first step, what many get. i choose to be happy. it is a choice. and i choose life. and god has blessed me with a great one. >> we're lucky to have you in our lives. michelle williams, thank you so much. and best of luck in your endeavors. we hope to see you at the super bowl. >> oh, man. >> the national tour of "fela" launches at washington, d.c.'s shakespeare theater company on january 29th. time for a final check of the weather with sam, on a tough assignment at seaworld's discovery cove in orlando.
8:35 am
sam? >> good morning, everybody. we're in discovery cove. and we're back with diego. diego got his name because he was born at seaworld in san diego. now, he's here, part of discovery cove. let's show you what's going on in the nation today as you get ready for the rest of your day. we're going to start with twitter and facebook pictures. you let us know what it looks like all across america. from a beautiful houston to a snowy virginia. those twitter and facebook pictures this morning. how about this snowfall? this snowfall situation is not as bad as previously expected. it's generally light. if you get elevations, you're going to get snowfall today. and coastal areas under this map will probably get a little mix of freezing rain and snow. western rain is the deal. we've been talking about even in the news headlines. all that stagnant air. there's been real issues with air stagnation. and this rain will help clear all that away. we're going to see cooler temperatures moving in to the west, with this rain. a qu
8:36 am
>> once again, we are live in discovery cove. the reason we're down here, we're going to shoot new episodes of "sea rescue" today. all-new "sea rescue" getting shot today. back to you in new york. >> thanks, sam. it's great to have julia stiles with us on the "gma" set. she seems to be everywhere right now. on the big screen in "silver linings playbook." on tv this sunday, the premiere of "the makeover." thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> it's like a modern-day "my fair lady." >> i play a girl who's run for congress in boston and she's lost. and she finds that she's very
8:37 am
into perfect grammar. she's very refined. and she finds a working-class guy from boston with a thick accent to makeover into the perfect candidate. >> if she can't have it, somebody will. >> she's determined and driven to win. >> let's take a quick look at "the makeover." here's a clip. >> i parked the car in the far part of the yard. >> no. i parked the car in the far part of the yard. >> that's what i said. i parked the car on the far part of the yard. >> the rs. you can hear the difference, can't you? >> you sound all wonky. >> perhaps you should try wonky this time. again. >> i parked the car in the far part of the yard. >> did everybody get the connection to the rain in spain? >> the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain. there's a, by george, i think she's got it. it's the reverse. i'm the higgins character, who
8:38 am
is making over -- he's elliot doolittle, instead of eliza doolittle. >> he's a beer vendor from boston. a really cute concept. and it's a classic we've seen you do before. in movies like "ten things i hate about you." what draws you to the classic stories? >> i wanted to do something light and romantic and fun. i had been doing a lot of drama. and i wanted to go to work every day and be able to laugh and have a good time, as opposed to having to cry or be hyperemotional. i'm kind of a hopeless romantic. >> you've been busy lately. congratulations on "silver linings playbook." >> thank you. i was happy to be part of that movie. >> it's such a great success story. obviously, you'll be rooting for them. any other favorites coming up at the oscars? >> "zero dark thirty" is a great movie. very different from "silver linings." i don't want to be a traitor to the rest of my cast. i'm going to say "silver linings" all the way.
8:39 am
>> what was it like working with bradley cooper? >> great. he's really remarkable in the film. he has so much energy on set. and so devoted to his work. it's great. >> and i also just want to celebrate. you had a film -- you did a film with taye diggs, called "between us," that was screened at sundance. and you were saying that this was almost an accident that you got the role? >> what happened was i was supposed to be doing a broadway play, that got postponed at the last minute. literally two weeks before we were going to start rehearsals. i panicked, thinking that was the next six months of my life. what am i going to do? and my agent called me and said i have a script for something that's an adaptation of a play. and i think you'd really like it because it's character-driven and whatever. and i did. >> a very successful, happy accident. >> things happen for a reason. >> absolutely. congratulations on your film career and, of course, tv. everybody, check out julia. she's in "the makeover" that airs this sunday on abc, at 9:00, 8:00 central.
8:40 am
thank you so much for stopping by. >> thank you. >> i love your dress. everybody, coming up on "good morning america," "the chew's" michael symon is here, with hot dishes to s
8:41 am
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] got a cold crowd right there. we have tougher groups going on
8:43 am
right now. michael symon, every day on "the chew." he has a book out called "carnivore." love the title. >> i like my meat. what can i say? >> this is about the super bowl in a few weeks. and your favorite halftime recipes. but not only halftime. >> you can do this all the time. sneaking in already. i love sloppy joes. and i usually have a ground meat mixture. >> this is serious here. >> this is serious sloppy joes. you can use a shoulder cut or a brisket. we seasoned the meat with ground chipotle, cinnamon, a little allspice. we amped it up. the cinnamon, i have to throw the cinnamon in there. you can't have -- i feel like the sloppy joe, you have to amp up the heat. and the food has to bold. it should be delicious with beer. so, we're going to take our meat. and we start browning it off in
8:44 am
here. very hot pan. you do this in batches. you add a little bit, take a little out. whoa. chili. until, it's all brown. george -- run, george, run. we set these back here. it's okay. when you are cooking with chilies, if you add it to the heat, it really gets going. you take them out of the pan. you can see the spices in there. i'm going to add my onions. i'm going to add my garlic. i'm going to get george a doctor. and a little bit of tomato paste with a pinch of salt. and we just stir that in until that breaks down. and we glaze that with a little bit of red wine and cook it down for about 10 or 15 minutes. until it gets like this one right here. now, you have this beautiful kind of mixture. beautiful and thick. that's the base of your sloppy joes. then, we add a little bit of
8:45 am
sherry vinegar. this does. it has some spice. >> that's an understatement. >> oh, god. you guys are so wheat toast. a little bit of chili. brown sugar. some thoomatoes. we cook that down. we add our browned meat back to our mixture. and then, just throw this on. you can also do this with sliders, if you want. >> it's like you can't stop. even though it's burning my mouth up, i can't stop. >> that's right. it makes you feel good inside. a sloppy joe on "the chew." and i'm eating chili or a sloppy joe or wings, i want to feel it a little bit. i want that burn. that's how it should be, especially at the super bowl. i made george a special one, since he had to inhale about a
8:46 am
pound of chilies. >> i did. >> you can make these for a group, little sliders. and it's easy finger food. i made it in the "carnivore" cookbook. we do it with venison. with chicken thighs. pork. >> where did you get that? >> you guys are sissies. >> it's good. >> it's so good. >> if you want, these are very mild wings made be sriracha. >> you get the first bite. it steams. >> then, bam. >> punches you in the face. >> all of the recipes for these treats in his book, "carnivore" and on on yahoo! and you can see michael on "the chew," at 1:00 p.m., 12:00 central. "gma live!" is just moments away. we're going to reveal the story behind this photo. where's the photo? there it is, right there.
8:47 am
we also have an exclusive from katy perry. ñsñsñ
8:48 am
8:49 am
my body is here. but my mind is in aspen, colorado, for the x-games. legendary snowboarder gretchen byler is there. but dropped out. she was able to take us on a remarkable ride behind the scenes. here's a take. >> that's impressive. >> reporter: gretchen byler, two-time olympian, four-time gold medalist. tied for the most golds won by women on the superpipe. at 31, already a legend. achieving much of her success not far from the aspen slopes where she first picked up the sport as a little girl.
8:50 am
>> it's called tandem peak. >> reporter: this competition, expected to be her comeback after a devastating accident in june 2012. >> shattered my eye socket, broke my nose, and gave myself a bad concussion. it was a freak accident. >> reporter: but a last-minute decision to pull out of saturday's game, put her return on an indefinite hold. >> when you have any traumatic experience, you need to give yourself time. >> reporter: but that didn't stop the extreme enthusiast from another challenge. say a little prayer for me. teaching me to snowboard. and on the bunny slopes, down the x-games superpipe. oh, yeah. learning from the star means starting like a pro. >> most people learn on -- >> reporter: in other words, don't try this at home.
8:51 am
unfortunately, my enthusiasm got the best of me. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: i can't stop. practice might make perfect eventually. but i definitely worked up an appetite. so, the aspen native took me to her favorite spot for lunch in this glamorous ski resort town. >> here's to your first day of snowboarding. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, aspen. >> look at that. like the secret service. >> one thing you don't know how to do is stop. >> that's key. >> she did stop. >> x-games -- eventually. 3:00 eastern on our sister network, espn. 3:00 eastern on our sister network, espn. and we'll
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
okay. if you could see the smiles in our eyes this morning, the extra smiles in our eyes, it's for a very good reason. we've been keeping a big secret. robin roberts was there all morning long, practice for her return to "gma." there she is, smiling.
8:55 am
got up early. came in. sat behind the scenes all day long. and how great has it been to have robin around? >> she looks amazing. >> the smile on her face never left. >> looks amazing. is amazing. so great to have you back, robin. "gma live!" coming right up. >> oh, yes.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> please welcome the honorable brown. >> his budget and legislative outlines for this year, you see the assembly members applauding there, and he will talk about education, affordable scare act and how it affects california. jobs climate change, transportation, and high-speed rail. this your he does not have to talk about the huge budget deficit as in the past but he will talk about the success we have had or he has had in the legislature in cutting that deficit. we will go back do this in just a moment the right new, we will look at the weather.
8:59 am
>> mike? >> thank you very much. live doppler 7 hd is showing the system to the south weakening but make a move to the north especially more on saturday, sunday, and monday. sue? >> a couple of incidents. in san jose, an accident in the second lane from the left and westbound 80, an accident in the left lane in the clearing phases. 85, nobody, at fremont avenue an injury accident there. eric? >> thank you very much. back to a live picture of the assembly changer. the speaker perez. and former san francisco mayor. >> the attorney general harris. secretary of state. >> you should know, since we are carrying the governor's state of


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